Friends and Supporter

These good people helped us bring HIIVE to life. We recommend working with them to make your ideas happen too.

Beuth University of Applied Sciences Berlin is one of Germany‘s largest state universities of applied sciences. Their roof is not only home to four of of our HIIVEs, they are also our partner for the EXIST Gründerstipendium. We are supported by the Beuth Startup Hub and our fantastic Mentor Prof. Dr. Florian Schindler.

GWP AG is a reliable partner when it comes to development & production of mechanical components, housings and entire assemblies in metal and plastic.

Craftbot (formerly CraftUnique) is a developer, innovator and manufacturer of 3D printers. We use their 3D printers because they deliver great results at reasonable price point.

We are proud partner of 3D-printing supplier 3DK Berlin. They not only produce their own filament in Berlin, they also have a range of sustainable and recycled printing materials. 3DK helped us to realize our first prototype with their innovative materials.

BIA is an innovation agency, which offers modular leadership training for HR, L&D, and transformation teams. And they work with in-house innovation hubs on their intrapreneurship and startup partnering programs.
We were part of the Future City Incubator cohort in 2020. We highly recommend the program to early stage founders.

Pro Clima is a leader for „Intelligent“ sealing membranes for inside and outside, adhesives, adhesive tapes. They offer reliable system solutions for sealing your building shell.

We are proud member of Greentech Alliance. The Greentech Alliance brings together green technology businesses, that fight climate change with their products and services in the most responsible and respectful to our planet manner, to support them with advice about funding, impact, visibility and strategy with the help of top VCs, journalists, advisors and entrepreneurs.

We are also supported by the city of Berlin through the Senatsverwaltung für Wirtschaft, Energie und Betriebe. They organize and also fund programs like the Future City Incubator.

HIIVE is supported by the European Social Fund (ESF).

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