The Beehome

Finally a Safe and Healthy Home for Bees
Natural Isolation

Keeps cool in summer and warm in winter.

Natural Geometry

There are no cubic shapes in nature. So why would you put bees in it?

Smart Ventilation

Offers a stable micro-climate, just like in a tree-cave.

Livingspace for bee-friendly Simbionts

A home for old friends like the Bookscorpion.

Why we should be worried about honeybees
of all plants are pollinated by honeybees
Since 1950 dramatic decrease of bee population in Europe
Every winter beekeepers losing significant amounts of their population
Classic Magazine Hives are giving Bees a hard time
moldy beehome

• No insultation, bees loose a lot of energy to keep desired temperature
• Mold, because of humidity
• No living space for useful creatures
• Bad geometry to save energy

Above circumstances lead to weaker colonies,helps varroa mite (biggest enemy of bee) to spread

classic magazine hive
classic magazine hive
HIIVE Offers An Alternative Approach

HIIVE has re-invented the traditional beehive. Finally beekeepers are able to offer a natural, species adequate home to the most important animal on the planet. HIIVE is the first bee home, which completely replicates the specifications of a wild bee home (tree cave). With its stable microclimate HIIVE keeps the bees healthy and happy, so you don‘t need to spoil them with chemicals. Hiive is also made exclusively from sustainable raw materials.


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Our Story

It all started with a thesis in the Industrial Design studies. At first we just wanted to design a more ergonomic beehive. During the first design studies we accompanied several beekeepers during their work.
The first time we saw the treatment against the Varroa Mite, it was an shocking experience. The chemical treatment had a direct effect on the bees‘ behaviour. We found that there is a more serious problem to be solved than the ergonomics in beekeeping.
Therefore we have asked scientists for advice, they repeatedly pointed out the problem with the wrong microclimate in conventional bee-boxes.
Philip Potthast and Fabian Wischmann got to know each other in the Startup Centre of the University of Applied Sciences in Berlin. With Fabian, Philip quickly found an ardent supporter for his idea. Fabian brings a background in Startups and Business Administration to team HIIVE and Philip brings years of experience in ID design. Since the beginning of 2020, they have been working together to drive development forward.

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Questions & Answers
  • Where can I buy HIIVE?

    Currently we are not selling to the public. Please sign up for our newsletter to get notified for our sales start.

  • Is it possible to harvest honey from HIIVE?

    Yes, it is. But don’t expect the same amount of honey compared to magazine hives.

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